Sunday, September 26, 2010

End of September part 2

The third week-end of September brings my Zanika reunion. It was terrific.

Left right after school and drove into the Cascade mountains. Made to one of my alternate homes, Camp Zanika. For the last five miles I drove with the windows wide open (despite a light rain) and took in the smell of pine trees, a lighter drier eastern washington air, and views of the lake.

Parked and headed for the second lodge (the dining hall) and was greeted with more hugs and laughter than many people see in a year. The room was full of women I've known since I was a kid. We've grown up together and are growing older together. What a rich reality. The week-end was full of stories, and family tales. Reports on fundraisers, the current camp and camp fire,the general health of our group and each other. Food, song, laughter, hikes, kayaks, guitars, crafts, more food and more laughter. An all around success.

This year I made the camp quilt. It will be raffled next fall. I"m including a photo. You saw its bits and pieces in earlier blogs. It turned out well and will hopefully generate a bit of money for our next project: remodeling and updating the camp kitchen.

Enjoy the photo. Camp is such a great place. Meg

End of September

It's been just over three weeks since my last blog and so much has happened. It's amazing how much life can pack itself into a day!

School started and I've met my kiddos. What a great group. The room looked good when I stood with my boxes and bags and looked around. It looked happy once it was unpacked and welcome signs were hung. But it looks positively exciting filled with fourth graders. Each is eager to learn in his or her own way. Some plunge right in, others are more cautious, not wanting to repeat unsettling experiences from the past. So far, we've managed to cover a lot of territory and generate a ton of smiles as well.

Having walls and a door makes such a HUGE difference. When I read aloud I can add sound effects and change voices. When they laugh out loud it is OK. When we work in groups a comfortable buzz is actually comfortable. Last year it was an open space class and we had to constantly whisper and shush because of the other 5 classes in the same space!

Much more joy will be had this year! Meg

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We are safely home and have been for just over two weeks now. The days have zipped past as only time can.

Our trip was such fun! We collected memories to keep us cozy over many wintry days.
I'll update the blog with a few of the better photos we took soon.

We've spent some time with family and friends since getting back. And we took out the kayaks. Paddling across the water and enjoying the gorgeous sights and wildlife near Deception Pass is an amazing experience.

The other activity that has gobbled up time is school. I've changed locations again and came home to see that my boxes of materials had been moved. It has taken many days to open all of the boxes and find a place for everything. Classroom library books, paper supplies, decorations and items for bulletin boards, files, a professional library, etc...all needed to be set up and ready for use. Tomorrow I'll hook up the computers, printers, and electronic equipment. Then I'll think about activities for the first days. Lots is done and more remains.

My new room is quite large and very sunny. Have a look at the picture or better yet, come for a visit.

Love, Meg

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have enjoyed our time in London. The entire world in a few city blocks. Once you've reviewed a bit of history you look at these buildings and monuments with completely new eyes. Amazing. Not only the current world but the past as well.

We've been to Avebury and walked the circumference of a stone circle, walked along roman roads and under roman arches, seen signs of Queen Victoria, Napoleon,and even Ben Franklin. We've watched a memorial to the dead of many wars and read about the current ones including new and strong protests. Fashion alive and very dead. Food to be remembered and food to leave ulcers in its tracks!

To the prime meridian and back again. An amazing time and now we've run out. Less than 24 hours to home. See you all soon. Bringing hugs and smiles and stories and songs.

Love, meg

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still in Love

Unlike any other trip I've ever taken, I was a bit homesick as this one began. I think that's good actually. It means I've put down roots and home is truly home. Good friends, a satisfying job and family not too far away.

That having been said, I forgot everything as I stood on the edge of the sea for a week in Boscastle. The raw power and beauty of the ocean flows through my body when I'm there and there is room for nothing else. Pure joy.

We did have some sun and when swimming up the road in Crackington Haven. The waves pounded us and we laughed out loud. Most were in wet suits and on surf or boogie boards. Warren and I just went in. We both love the sea and in we went. Big cresting waves to wash over us, high swells to dive into, splash and jump and swim and tumble. Sea and salt and sun. It was fabulous.

We ended our stay in Boscastle with two unbelievable nights with the locals.Our landlord told us about the snug up the hill where a group of locals meet to sing once a week. We went and were invited to join in . It was like an "evening fire" at Zanika, just in Cornwall. The next night was instruments and singers alike. We met some truly lovely people and I suspect we'll return again. There's more, but I'll save it for another entry.

We're in London now. Headed for the Thames and a play sometime tonight. More soon. In a few days we'll be home to enjoy each of you in person.

Love you. Meg

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pictures from Boscastle

Having a really great time! Just thought I'd add a few photos today. Meg

Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Love

Twenty-four years ago Warren and I went on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland. I stood on the edge of a cliff looking down at pounding waves, listening to the roar and feeling the power of wind and water and promised myself I would somehow return. We came again in 2002 and now we have a full week. I am in heaven.

WE are in Boscastle on the Cornish Coast. The cliffs are dramatic in black slate, angled from earthquakes and worn from the wind. The waves are still crashing and they still take my breath away.

Nestled in the valley a bit behind is a dozy village. Whitewashed walls, everything bent and worn with age. Lovely. Scones and tea are the food of the gods. Now we just need a tad bit of sun and I'll jump into the harbor and swim to my hearts content.

We are having a grand time!! Wish you were all here to enjoy it with us.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're in Oxford now. OMG it is so impressive. I felt obligated to buy half a dozen books and carry them around so we wouldn't look like the hundreds (make that thousands) of other tourists. Once we tore our eyes away from the matching backpacks and screaming t-shirts we looked up to see gargoyles that make you laugh, not scream. ancient and lovely architectural details. lazy fields with cows, punts on the river, blooming roses and every window and inch of garden in bloom. it's really nice. the colleges with their dignified quads, the libraries, the dates on building going back hundreds of years. it's really great.

And now we're off to explore some more. enjoy your summers. we are. love meg

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Germany in July

We are in southern Germany now in a woderful town called Tubingen. Yesterday we drove a bit further to Maulbron. There is an ancient cloister there. When you enter the walls you find a small village where the sequestered nuns or brothers once lived. We took a tour of the cloister and were hugely impressed by the medieval art. When I studied Germanistik one of my specialisations was the literature of this period. It was moving to see the art work and glimpses of life from this time. I really loved it. Later we barbecued with friends and laughed into the evening.

We are having an extra special time. It will be hard to leave this town and our friends, but of course England will be great too. MOre later.

Love, Meg

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Warren and I are wandering our way through bits of Europe. A week in Paris was fabulous. Listening to CDs before we came really did help. Je voudrais un cafe creme sil vous plait. And magically we would receive a coffee. If you ever hear that the French are unfriendly don't believe it. Warren and I have been here several times and we could fill a book with the many courtesies and kindnesses we've experienced. Learn a few words, be polite yourselves and you'll see. Paris is magical. We celebrated our 25th aniversary and it was memorable. Next we headed for southern Germany.

Here we have good friends and are relaxing and exploring with them. Today we are heading for a chocolate factory. I can hardly wait. MMMMmmmm. Once I'm home I'll share photos. Haven#t quite figured out how to download them here. Hugs, Meg

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more photos

It's hard to leave home when it is all so beautiful. On the other hand what wee'll be seeing will be well worth it. Have a great summer. Meg

Mid July and summer is here

Summer is here. The flowers are blooming, cherries are almost ripe and the eagles are busy. We watched one land with a fish and eat it in one of our nearby trees just last week. We head for Europe tomorrow and I'm checking out my camera. They had a terrific sale and I decided to buy a new one for the trip. I used to love using my telephoto lens back when I hauled photographic gear around with me, and this one has a 10x. I'm really pleased with it. I'll add some pics so you can see the variety of distances it can handle, from panorama to close ups. Hopefully this means great shots of the people and countries we'll visit. Hugs to each of you. Send us an email. Love, Meg

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st

In April I had hundreds of triangles all over one of the beds. Finally they've been worked into a quilt top. Not quite done. Still needs a border and a back, but those will be done soon.

This will eventually be my Camp Zanika quilt. Used to raise funds for maintaining a great camp for kids. More soon. Lots of love. Meg

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life continues to be busy and full. Easter Sunday found most of us at home with mom and a mountain of food. It was really nice to be together.

The picture is a pile of potholders. The shape is cupcakes. Two of my brothers and my wacky sisters-in-law came to visit last week-end. What fun! The girls went to the fabric store. Along with non-stop laughter came the purchase of "just a little more fabric". Baby quilts are underway and I also made the cupcakes. I gave a surprise party for a friend and her 60th. Cupcakes were on the invites and other decorations, so I couldn't resist making these as party favors. Cute HeY?

This week means finishing report cards. Teaching like crazy. Cleaning for spring and for my sanity. Then back to sewing. I'm half way through the Zanika quilt and it is looking good. Hope to finish by the end of the month. That's it for now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's a new quilt under way. It will be used as a fundraiser for Camp Zanika. At the moment I have a bed covered with little triangles. I need to add more pieces then connect them all together. A fun border will wrap it up. This has taken days already and I wan't sure if it would work or not, but I'm beginning to like it. Some lighter ones have been removed, some that are there need adjusting and rearranging, but then it will be great. Keep watching! Love you, Meg.

I love the longer days and spring flowers. No more winter gray. Yeah! Meg

I wanted a nice spring photo and here it its. We live near a valley where daffodils and tulips are raised. This was taken a month ago when the daffs were just saying hello to the new yea. Nice hey? We'll be driving near there today..maybe we'll get some tulip shots. Happy Spring. Meg.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Only one week left of the new month. Work has been exceptionally busy so it's zipping past. We're having a warm spell though and that's nice. Left the classroom door open to the outside twice last weeek. Fresh balmy air. Mmmm. The daffodils are up a couple of inches and buds have formed on the wild current. When I finish up by 5:00 there is still light in the sky and 6:00 isn't quite pitch black. I love the approach of Spring. Winter is my least favorite season. Something to be endured and wished away. I love spring with its fresh colors and birdsong, the frog chorus and gentle rain mixed with lots of sun. Hooray it's nearly here!!! Meg

Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Months Later

Yikes! My last entry was in October. Three months ago. I promised myself I'd do better in the new year---NOPE! I was looking for the perfect photo. Don't think I'm going to find it.

No picture and not sure what to write. Life at this moment is full of school. No projects under way, but I have read lots of really good books. Must be winter. Have added a few pounds, found some low carb cocoa, and have been to the library and bargain shelves at the book store. Warren can't pry me out of my corner of the couch. Oh, add to that cozy picture a well-worn quilt and a purring kitty.

Do I need to clean house? No, I don't think so. Do I want to go for a walk? No, not now. How about a turn at the swimming pool? Much too far to drive. I'll just take 5 more minutes in my book on the couch with my cat.

So, my new year is full of surprises at school but calm and cozy at home.

I hope to find an inspiring picture and write more soon. Much sooner than 3 months.