Sunday, February 1, 2009


Family. That word hosts a myriad of images, emotions and experiences for people. For many it's overwhelmingly negative and for others its a synonym for strength and comfort. Family stories are horrific, non-existent, funny, warm, wacky, short, long, never-ending.

I'm lucky. I belong to one of the great ones. We use up all of the adjectives like crazy, thoughtful, distant, close, funny, wise, strong, intelligent, original, innovative, energetic, slow, flexible, stubborn, short, tall, skinny, not-so-thin, kind, sensitive, angry, unbending, preoccupied, stressed, overloaded, available, generous, faithful, reliable, and loving. Above all my family is a family. We belong to each other.

There is room for individuality within the group. There is space for variety. There are traditions, but also new members, new routines and new expressions of love and joy and celebration. There is strength to be leaned on, humor to lose yourself and your problems in, there is food, and fun and times together and times apart and ups and downs and life as only life can be, and through it all you aren't alone. You are free and you are connected. How wonderful!

I have brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, nieces and nephews, cousins and cousins and cousins and more cousins. Big, boisterous, and the best.

I have brothers who call just to say "I love you.", "What's up?". I have a sister I would be lost without. I think we must be twins. My sisters-in-law are so incredible! As the ad says "indescribably delicious"! And my brothers in law are thoughtful, and funny and soo talented. You think I'm exaggerating? NOPE. I'm holding back.

Mom (the best in the universe) deserves an entry of her own along with the kiddos. Nieces and nephews who share their lives, their discoveries, their hi jinks and their love.

Thanks to you all. You make life so rich!!! I love you all. Me(g)