Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have enjoyed our time in London. The entire world in a few city blocks. Once you've reviewed a bit of history you look at these buildings and monuments with completely new eyes. Amazing. Not only the current world but the past as well.

We've been to Avebury and walked the circumference of a stone circle, walked along roman roads and under roman arches, seen signs of Queen Victoria, Napoleon,and even Ben Franklin. We've watched a memorial to the dead of many wars and read about the current ones including new and strong protests. Fashion alive and very dead. Food to be remembered and food to leave ulcers in its tracks!

To the prime meridian and back again. An amazing time and now we've run out. Less than 24 hours to home. See you all soon. Bringing hugs and smiles and stories and songs.

Love, meg

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still in Love

Unlike any other trip I've ever taken, I was a bit homesick as this one began. I think that's good actually. It means I've put down roots and home is truly home. Good friends, a satisfying job and family not too far away.

That having been said, I forgot everything as I stood on the edge of the sea for a week in Boscastle. The raw power and beauty of the ocean flows through my body when I'm there and there is room for nothing else. Pure joy.

We did have some sun and when swimming up the road in Crackington Haven. The waves pounded us and we laughed out loud. Most were in wet suits and on surf or boogie boards. Warren and I just went in. We both love the sea and in we went. Big cresting waves to wash over us, high swells to dive into, splash and jump and swim and tumble. Sea and salt and sun. It was fabulous.

We ended our stay in Boscastle with two unbelievable nights with the locals.Our landlord told us about the snug up the hill where a group of locals meet to sing once a week. We went and were invited to join in . It was like an "evening fire" at Zanika, just in Cornwall. The next night was instruments and singers alike. We met some truly lovely people and I suspect we'll return again. There's more, but I'll save it for another entry.

We're in London now. Headed for the Thames and a play sometime tonight. More soon. In a few days we'll be home to enjoy each of you in person.

Love you. Meg

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pictures from Boscastle

Having a really great time! Just thought I'd add a few photos today. Meg

Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Love

Twenty-four years ago Warren and I went on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland. I stood on the edge of a cliff looking down at pounding waves, listening to the roar and feeling the power of wind and water and promised myself I would somehow return. We came again in 2002 and now we have a full week. I am in heaven.

WE are in Boscastle on the Cornish Coast. The cliffs are dramatic in black slate, angled from earthquakes and worn from the wind. The waves are still crashing and they still take my breath away.

Nestled in the valley a bit behind is a dozy village. Whitewashed walls, everything bent and worn with age. Lovely. Scones and tea are the food of the gods. Now we just need a tad bit of sun and I'll jump into the harbor and swim to my hearts content.

We are having a grand time!! Wish you were all here to enjoy it with us.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're in Oxford now. OMG it is so impressive. I felt obligated to buy half a dozen books and carry them around so we wouldn't look like the hundreds (make that thousands) of other tourists. Once we tore our eyes away from the matching backpacks and screaming t-shirts we looked up to see gargoyles that make you laugh, not scream. ancient and lovely architectural details. lazy fields with cows, punts on the river, blooming roses and every window and inch of garden in bloom. it's really nice. the colleges with their dignified quads, the libraries, the dates on building going back hundreds of years. it's really great.

And now we're off to explore some more. enjoy your summers. we are. love meg