Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cats Schmats

Do any of you own a cat? We do. I find I can't live without the pleasure of all those feline moments: delicate baths, soft fur in the face, a lump of love & warmth on the lap and the comfort of the ubiquitous purr. Those teensy tiny fuzzy wuzzy cutesy tootsy little kitty bundles break my heart and say take me home.

I love my cat. But once the downy fur is gone, the musculature developed and the voice box discovered, they become more complex.
  • Do I enjoy opening and closing the door twenty (no kidding) times a day? NO! Will I always be her doorman when her little meow rings? Absolutely.
  • Do I like to turn the water off and on in the bathtub? NO! Will I always let the water meter run when she cries for a drink? Absolutely.
  • Do I like to be woken in the dark of night by a nudge against my shoulder and the odor of fish? NO. Will I always lift the covers and let her nestle against me, purring, grinning, and falling promptly asleep? Absolutely

Cats Schmats.
I sure do love this one! Ain't she cute?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunny Days

The last two days have been great. Watching the inauguration was moving. I watched it with friends at school. Instead of a Tuedsay morning meeting we had a Tuesday morning CELEBRATION! We laughed, cried, sighed, stood, clapped, reminisced, hoped, loved and were inspired.

Two of us remembered marching (here, not in the south), remembered debates and discussions, the movement and the discrimination. Our kids come from every background imaginable and for them it was a "no brainer" that everyone is equal. We danced in the halls, we cheered in the classes and yes it was done with respect for all.

Today was an all day class; learning how to help kids struggling with math. And it was actually useful. We started so fogbound that the room looked like it had white filmy curtains. By midday it was burning off with hints of islands, boats muscling their way through the tide and a promise of sun. By early afternoon we could see snow-capped mountains, glistening light refracted from the deep blue and a bald eagle gliding past with a snack in its claws. A beautiful day. A day filled with hope and promise just like yesterday.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Sister Made Me Do This

If left to my own devices I would crawl under a rock (provided I had a good book and a crack for sunshine) and disappear. BUT ...I have a big sister and she's been dragging me behind her for, well since, OK, OK always.

I usually like drafting along in her wake when the world is calling, but a blog? Techno-smart?! We'll see...

This is for her and for the rest of my computer aged family. Hello. Even our mom, who is a terrific great-great grandma has a blog. Before long all of us will be airing the family linens in the sunshine of the internet. We laugh a lot at ourselves. Hope you do too.

This is my test drive so I'll be back once I've filled in all the other screens.

Bye sis this is for you. I love you forever. Meg