Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Germany in July

We are in southern Germany now in a woderful town called Tubingen. Yesterday we drove a bit further to Maulbron. There is an ancient cloister there. When you enter the walls you find a small village where the sequestered nuns or brothers once lived. We took a tour of the cloister and were hugely impressed by the medieval art. When I studied Germanistik one of my specialisations was the literature of this period. It was moving to see the art work and glimpses of life from this time. I really loved it. Later we barbecued with friends and laughed into the evening.

We are having an extra special time. It will be hard to leave this town and our friends, but of course England will be great too. MOre later.

Love, Meg

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Warren and I are wandering our way through bits of Europe. A week in Paris was fabulous. Listening to CDs before we came really did help. Je voudrais un cafe creme sil vous plait. And magically we would receive a coffee. If you ever hear that the French are unfriendly don't believe it. Warren and I have been here several times and we could fill a book with the many courtesies and kindnesses we've experienced. Learn a few words, be polite yourselves and you'll see. Paris is magical. We celebrated our 25th aniversary and it was memorable. Next we headed for southern Germany.

Here we have good friends and are relaxing and exploring with them. Today we are heading for a chocolate factory. I can hardly wait. MMMMmmmm. Once I'm home I'll share photos. Haven#t quite figured out how to download them here. Hugs, Meg

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A few more photos

It's hard to leave home when it is all so beautiful. On the other hand what wee'll be seeing will be well worth it. Have a great summer. Meg

Mid July and summer is here

Summer is here. The flowers are blooming, cherries are almost ripe and the eagles are busy. We watched one land with a fish and eat it in one of our nearby trees just last week. We head for Europe tomorrow and I'm checking out my camera. They had a terrific sale and I decided to buy a new one for the trip. I used to love using my telephoto lens back when I hauled photographic gear around with me, and this one has a 10x. I'm really pleased with it. I'll add some pics so you can see the variety of distances it can handle, from panorama to close ups. Hopefully this means great shots of the people and countries we'll visit. Hugs to each of you. Send us an email. Love, Meg