Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer is here in full force. We have reached the mid 90's on the island and over 100 all around us.
One thing that makes the heat bearable is our luscious crop of basil and the promise of tomatoes ripening soon.
Pesto is one of those indescribable delights! It is a tad cooler today, so I hope to make several batches to freeze for winter usage. I'll fill it with memories of sun and light breezes, of briny sea smells, fresh fruit and flowers. I love the summer!
I'm hoping to add more notes later. But now I'm off to the pool. I swim laps when I can. And after yesterday's gigantic hot-fudge sundae (totally off limits and doubly delicious because of that) I need to swim. Talk to y'all later.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Comment on the Blackberries

Sorry, the photo does show blackberries. i borrowed it from the internet. The photo window is smaller than the image. If you want to see the berries you have to click on the pic. Meg


We grew up picking and eating tiny wild blackberries. Not the big burly ones that grow on every roadside and vacant lot in the Northwest. These are sweet and small. They have teensy tiny seeds that are unnoticeable. For some of us it takes hours just to pick enough to cover the bottom of the bucket, but they are worth it.

Those burly guys I mentioned earlier? They would ride Harleys if they could. Tough old berries on inch wide vines that extend their arms and wrap around whatever they can reach. A tumble of thorns and berries like the snakes on Medusa's head.

Those live in our yard, along the bluff and up the sides a bit. But guess what? I am attacking them and they are beginning to dwindle. I know I'm having the best of summers, if I actually get out the loppers and pruners. There is something fully rewarding about clearing a patch of overgrown land. No, not like the pioneers. More like machete wielding fun a la "Romancing the Stone". Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. She smiles like crazy when she realizes that even a city wimp can whack weeds. That's me. A crazed grin and pure glee.

Watch for pictures soon. So, I'm off to scare those berry vines into leaping off the bluff! (Actually they will be properly carted away and mulched to death.)

Love you all. Me(g)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

May it always be summer

This summer is already one of the best. Sunshine. Rest. Accomplishments. Company. Friends. Books. Good food. Coffee. Cats. Fresh fruit. Light breezes. Laughter. Music. Mmmmmm.

I'm posting a couple of pictures. Mom visiting. Warren and Vince working on a new deck lower on the property, closer to the water, but not too close. Flowers.

This summer really has been terrific. Each day has been packed full with a rich variety of things. Like a garden run amok. That's me. Laughing my way through the days and totally surprised by deep joy.

I decided that if I want a long-lasting break I need to create it. It turns out not to be that hard. Just enjoy each day fully. Take time to take in everything except worry and fear. That means driving to Coupeville on the back roads at 20-30mph instead of 50. Smelling the countryside and looking at it. It means stopping at the beach, removing shoes and jumping in . Running on the beach, looking at rocks, rubbing the salt and sand off with a sock. Laughs and smiles and joy.

I've been able to visit several friends. Traci York and I went to the nursery and bought flowers. Is there anything more wonderful? Warren and I split our irises so we can replant and share the bounty as well. We have a new deck and we can hear the water from there. I love to prune and weed when there is time, so I'm in hog heaven weeding and pruning the back garden.

Summer is great!!!! And the cherries will be ripe in another day or two. First strawberries and now cherries. We even have some tiny wild blackberries. As I said, summer is great.