Sunday, May 17, 2009


Not only do I have a big family, but I'm a teacher so I have lots of kids at work too. We just finished a big field trip. All of my advanced students (25) spent most of a day on the job with a mentor from our community. We were spread out throughout the town. Support for the project was rich, everyone had a mentor and parents volunteered to drive, so we didn't need a bus. Once in a while something goes very right at school and this was one of those events. The kids each had an "amazing" time and came back with excitement and facts and impressions that will last a long time. At the moment they are preparing power point presentations to share with the class and perhaps other classes as well. Then their presentations will edited into a presentation next fall for the community group that funded the outing. Fun!!! I'm including a few photos so you can share our day. We went to beauty parlors, veterinarians, glass blowers, jewelry makers, daycare providers, theaters, film-makers, photographers, oceanographers, policemen, interior decorators and more. A great day!


As an Auntie I get to love lots of special nieces and nephews. I'm lucky to have lots and lots of them and each is very precious to me. Our family is big and as quirky as can be, but we are rich in love nonetheless.

These are two thank-yous I received from my two great-nieces, Zoe and Madison. What a lucky Auntie I am. I love you all!!
Great-Auntie Ina

Early Spring

I've taken a few photos and thought about entries to the blog, but somehow I never make it online. I'll try to post a bit today. First of all, I'll share a few spring photos. It's so beautiful here. These were the first spring buds and flowers. Now we have lilacs and rhodies. MMM I love spring!