Sunday, September 6, 2009


Changes indeed! When I posted the photo of those cute little frogs, I thought I was nearly ready for the school year to begin. My boxes of books and materials were unloaded and put away. The room was organized and the last of the decorations were finished. A little garden was planted and other little things were in place to perk up the portable and make it a fun place to be.

Then, the possibility of moving to a new school developed. It meant tension and sleepless nights. Two days of all-day meetings (sore bottom, tired mind). Finally I learned I would stay where I had been moved to but in a different classroom. Soooo, a day spent reboxing and labeling everything. Then most of 2 days cleaning up after the last teacher in the "new" room. It took one full day just to clean out her overloaded and unindexed files. Then moving furniture around, unpacking again, and finally today a bit of decorating. It's not as finessed as I would like it, but its OK. And I can spend Labor Day at home. One last day. Then more meetings and finally the kids will arrive. I'm eager to meet them!

Despite all of the work, its been fun. The staff at the new school is really nice and helpful. The move and prep have been filled with smiles and laughter as well as work.

OK. More later. Maybe even a picture of the new space soon.

Love ya'll. Meg