Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life continues to be busy and full. Easter Sunday found most of us at home with mom and a mountain of food. It was really nice to be together.

The picture is a pile of potholders. The shape is cupcakes. Two of my brothers and my wacky sisters-in-law came to visit last week-end. What fun! The girls went to the fabric store. Along with non-stop laughter came the purchase of "just a little more fabric". Baby quilts are underway and I also made the cupcakes. I gave a surprise party for a friend and her 60th. Cupcakes were on the invites and other decorations, so I couldn't resist making these as party favors. Cute HeY?

This week means finishing report cards. Teaching like crazy. Cleaning for spring and for my sanity. Then back to sewing. I'm half way through the Zanika quilt and it is looking good. Hope to finish by the end of the month. That's it for now.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's a new quilt under way. It will be used as a fundraiser for Camp Zanika. At the moment I have a bed covered with little triangles. I need to add more pieces then connect them all together. A fun border will wrap it up. This has taken days already and I wan't sure if it would work or not, but I'm beginning to like it. Some lighter ones have been removed, some that are there need adjusting and rearranging, but then it will be great. Keep watching! Love you, Meg.

I love the longer days and spring flowers. No more winter gray. Yeah! Meg

I wanted a nice spring photo and here it its. We live near a valley where daffodils and tulips are raised. This was taken a month ago when the daffs were just saying hello to the new yea. Nice hey? We'll be driving near there today..maybe we'll get some tulip shots. Happy Spring. Meg.