Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wrapping Up Projects

The Papier Mache animals are painted and sealed with plastic. I'll include a photo once they are installed, that is, if they are installed. Wouldn't you know it?! I just finish my improvement plans for my portable and learn there is a possibility my classroom will be changed again.

Yep, that's schools for you. And when will we know for sure? Maybe next week or maybe after Labor Day. Of course whichever room it is, it will need to be in order by Thursday after Labor Day for Open House.

Sheesh. Kids are being shuffled to different schools and some teachers as well. This will result in additional moves. We don't know yet if we can volunteer for change or if it will be mandated. No child left behind is leaving those who work in the schools in the dust!
I just lined up a great event for my class, the local music store has several talented teachers and they've agreed to come and teach my kids about their instruments! Cool! We'll also read stories that connect to the instruments. Elementary will be a lot of fun (and a bit of work).
Summer is still wonderful. Full of sun and swimming and creativity and books.

Talk later. Meg

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Projects

Two more projects completed! Yahoo. The summer is moving along. It's nice to reach some of the goals set back in June. The little frog in the photo is one of four I bought ages ago. They have magnets in their bottoms and move around our house staying where they can and surprising us with their little smiles and goofy colors! They've been a ton of fun.
So, when I found these little crocodiles for 50cents I bought a few for my classroom. I have a favorite book, that is a version of Red Riding Hood which takes place in Louisiana. The woods are now the bayou and the basket of food is filled with Cajun delights. A lovely crocodile shows up in this version and I thought the magnets would complement the story. The other day I opened them up and added magnets. Now I can move them around the classroom and entertain the kids.
The second project is pillows to sit upon during silent reading. I bought themfor $1 each, but the neon colors screamed and weren't at all silent. so, these have been covered with bugs and butterflies and hearts in quieter, but still "perky" colors.

What do you think?

I also put the second coat of gesso on the papier mache. Company this week-end, but next week that project will finish as well. Fun!!!!

Talk soon. Meg

Friday, August 7, 2009


This summer has been full of projects. I'm getting ready for the upcoming school year and vacation means time to think and to create.

One of the projects is papier mache. The outside of my classroom, a portable looks so institutional it makes me want to run every time i approach it. I have run through a half dozen ideas to improve it, but most of them are either too expensive or they would get me in trouble with maintenance. So, I'm making little paper animals to hang outside during the first few weeks of school. Then I hope to instigate a mural project in partnership with our art teacher.

I'm including a couple of shots. At the moment my figures are all painted white with gesso. We are supposed to have a couple of rainy days next week, so that will be my big indoor paint day. Watch for the results. I'm having a ton of fun if nothing else.

What are you working on?