Sunday, April 26, 2009

easter egg quilt for Sydney

Sydney's Quilt

Sydney's quilt is done. I'm adding phtos in a moment. I was really happy with it. It looks sunny to me, like a bowl of easter eggs. My friend Arlene quilted it for me and you can see how wonderful her work is. She picked up the swirls in the border and made swirls all over.

I tried machine stitching the border, but couldn't quite succeed. So I hand stitiched it. Something I love doing anyway.

Warren and I drove to Seattle yesterday. Sydney's at Children's Hospital. We visited with her and her dad for a while. She has such a long road to travel!!! Three months already. Multiple surgeries and multiple chemo treatments and she has much more.

Anyway, I gave her the quilt and she loved it. The best part of making quilts is thinking your way into anther person, imagining their likes and trying to match the design and colors to them. When you succeed it's great. This one hit the mark. She really liked it. We left her cuddled up in it and starting a nap.

Warren was great to go with me and you are great to share this here.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sewing the pieces together and adding borders.

Quilting a little more for Sydney

After vacation I took a week off from the quilt and focused on school. Sunday I made up for lost time and finished the top. Some of the pics show the colors better than others. The last border is purple with fun swirls on it. I'm hoping to get a better shot once its quilted and bound.

This was gong to be my first quilt for me to quilt together, but I needed to finish this week while Sydney is able to receive a visitor. Next week she has surgery and I want her to be able to cuddle up with it then. So a friend is quilting it for me. Then I'll add the binding. Those fotos will be posted later this week.

I like the top. Its sunny colors and polka dots. Makes me think of easer eggs. The back is a fun flannel. Light lime green checks with little hearts that are almost polka dots. I'm excited to know that I will be able to give it to her soon.

It was great news when I learned the name of her surgeon. I worked with him when I worked for the tissue bank. I even watched him perform surgery too. She has one of the very best taking care of her at Children's.

Ok. time for pics. Talk more soon. Me(g)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

These run from bottom to top. Pieces, pattern, small squares, my sewing room, my sewing view

Quilting for Sydney

I'm a quilter. Not quite a beginner, but not too far along either. I love it. I don't really understand fabric, but I love the mixing of colors and designs. I enjoy the women I've met through the hobby and I love the sense of community and service that exists with quilters.

My sister got me started. Yes, she starts me on new paths quite often. Nice, hey?! Then she started the rest of the sisters in the family. Now we talk fabric stores and fat quarters. Machine quilting and how best to bind a quilt. Thread and projects and laughter and fun!

So, coming soon are pictures of my current project. One of my students has cancer and has basically moved into the hospital for 6-9 months. She and her family were accepted into the Ronald McDonald house. This is where community counts too.

Both of her parents are teachers and the school community, plus the larger town along with friends and family are finding ways to support the foursome as they face a challenging disease and its treatment far from home.

Me? I'm starting with a quilt; filling it with love and hope and hugs and greetings from all of her current teachers. She's a sixth grader with lots to live for and lots to get through in the coming months. I hope this quilt will help keep her warm and cozy all the while.

Share the proces with me. Me(g)