Monday, January 31, 2011

Update Number 6 is this finally it?

As you can see I'm doing well. I'm fortunate to have a job that lets me work with great people and includes lots of room for originality and creativity. ( I would still leave it all for my cat!) I have a great family and friends too. Somehow when I write more than this it sounds too schmaltzy to be true. But it is.

Of course there are days when I worry about the world, about some of the kids, about family and friends. There are days of illness and regrets, but those days go into my very private diary. Not on the internet!

So this is it. It's February tomorrow and I'm headed for my 60th. Think I'll finish this update with some pictures from home and the island. Even in winter this is a lovely place. (The last photo which probably shows up as the first is of daffodils from last spring. it's time for them very soon. Their heads have popped up through the earth and we are watching as they respond to the sun.

Thanks for you patience with my not writing and with my toomuch writing. Lets see if I can find a more regular rhythym now.

Take care and stay in touch.


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