Monday, January 31, 2011

Update Number 4

The holidays came and went quietly. Mom was with Sandee for Thanksgiving and the rest of us were scattered to in-laws and friends. Christmas was full of goodies and talk. Some games, but not quite as many as usual, we all seemed to enjoy talking and catching up a bit more. The babies are toddlers now and they caused us all to smile and remember Christmas magic.

Just after Christmas and only two weeks ago I got to take a second holiday and went to see Sandee. We spent the MLK week-end sewing at a quilting retreat. Her friends are funny and talented and generously warm-hearted. I would have gone for the giggles alone. Sandee and I doubled up in a bed and reminisced about our shared room growing up.

The spot was in a beautifully woodsy area along the Rogue River (I think it was the Rogue). We could walk along the river during breaks and smell the piney scent. Most of the time though it was sewing!!! They brought a ton of fabric and quilting projects and accomplished an amazing amount of work. The quilts were beautiful adn I learned a lot from the ladies. Sandee helped me learn to do machine quilting and I started a big project myself. Market bags for a group of friends I was going to see the next week. I put one together there and made parts for several more. Sandee and Nancy were contributors to the "parts department" and made it possible for me to carry off my plans. See the next update.

Quilting is a rich hobby. Full of color and creativity and the generosity and laughter of friends...women who love to give. Thanks ladies!!!!

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