Monday, January 31, 2011

Update Number 5

The next week-end I had a group of friends come for the evening. Poor Warren had to move out for the duration. He and a neighbor/friend consoled each other with dinner and a movie at Vince' home since his wife was with the girls.

It was great. Thanks to the great instruction by Sandee and help from the parts department I was able to make a Market Bag for each of my friends. This was actually a minor miracle.

Sandee and I had picked up the pattern for the bag nearly two years ago. She has made 25 or more of them over that time. But now, I'm catching up.

My friends began arriving at 5:00. I finished the seventh bag at 4:45. Sweet Warren watched the door while I jumped in the shower. Then I slipped each bag one at a time onto my lap as we visited, because they still needed a button each. Then later I was able to give everyone a gift. It was perfect. The party was an early 60th celebration for me and I love the thought of giving gifts on your birthday not just receiving. These women make my life deeper and rooted and fun. Hooray. We all laughed and enjoyed the time. Thanks everyone!

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